Reliable Japan Quality! The secret about the production of Frienbr Liquids!

Frienbr Liquids are produced at the factory located in Osaka, Japan.

The factory runs with the license of Quasi-drugs industry, it is also a factory where Japan’s major food, cosmetic and quasi-drugs companies produce their products.

Now we will introduce partially how Frienbr Liquids are being produced inside the factory.

1. Set the liquid

Set the liquid which include a mixture of ingredients such as PG, VG and perfume.

Set the liquid

2. Fill liquid into the case

Put the case into the filling machine and fill it up with the liquid. Adjust one by one to prevent the overflow of liquid.

Fill liquid into the case

3. Check the content

After filling, measure the weight one by one.

Check the content

4. Put on the cap

After measuring, put the case filled with liquids into the lane and put on the cap.

Put on the cap Put on the cap

5. Wind label

Set the case into the machine and wind label.

Wind label Wind label

6. Check the quality

Check carefully whether there is any mistakes on the product such as printing or label error. Check it one by one.

Check the quality

7. Put it into package

Pack it with the leaflet with explanation of usage carefully and one by one.

Put it into package Put it into package

8. Production finished!

This is the moment when the production of Frienbr liquids finished and it can be delivered to customers now.

Production finished!

9. Pack into cardboard box for delivery

Pack the products into cardboard box and it will be sent to Frienbr’s warehouse.

Wrap orderly in order to protect the products from damage.

Pack into cardboard box for delivery

10. Finish

As shown above, Frienbr Liquids are being produced in careful manner with detailed checking of each procedures.

We believe this kind of detail-oriented process and no compromise product making by human hands, which is a special feature of Japan, can provide safe products to our customers.

If you have not experienced Frienbr before, please take a chance to try our smell and flavors with Japan quality.



Certificate of Origin issued by The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ) and,
analysis table done and issued by Japan Food Research Laboratories ( ).

* The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public economic organization governed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

* Certificate of Origin is the official certificate of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization).

* Japan Food Research Laboratories is the largest laboratory in Japan.