Frequently Asked Questions

About Frienbr

  1. Frienbr' is a relaxing item which evaporate Frienbr Liquid to serve with its flavour and taste.

  2. Frienbr Liquid' evaporates and brings flavour and taste when heated in the atomizer.

  3. Although Frienbr doesn't contain nicotine or other harmful substances,
    Frienbr is recommened for ages 20 or above.

  4. Please try not to use Frienbr during pregnancy and breastfeeding period.
    Or please consult a doctor before use.

  5. Frienbr is not a cigarette but it still emits steam. Please check the local rules before use.

  6. Frienbr doesn't have those effects. If other similar products claim they can,
    it could properly contradict the Pharmacopoeia, please do not buy those products.